Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Daddy discovered that Charley was repeating "wow" tonight after him each time he said it. So, we pulled out the video camera as fast as we could and got a few clips on video. For those of you who don't know, this child jabbers like nothing I have ever, it comes as no surprise that she is already clearly repeating words.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter/9 Month Pics

We took Charley on Friday to have some pictures made for Easter which will also serve as her 9 mo. pics. We went to the same place that we took her Christmas/6 mo. pics because we thought they did a pretty good job, and their prices are very reasonable. We had so much fun with these...Enjoy!

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8 months

Whew....this month has been an adventure to say the least. As we revealed below, Charley has officially learned to crawl! And of course, 2 weeks later (since the original crawling video was posted), she can get anywhere she wants to go and FAST!! As stated on the crawling video, we started a new babysitter this month (March 1). It is amazing the difference in her now that she has some exposure to other children. Since day one of staying with Mary, she has begun to "talk" our ears off...seriously, the child just jabbers on and on from the time she wakes up until she finally closes her eyes at night...have no clue who she got that from ;)
We also got our first ear infection this month too...and boy, that was far worse than the flu...believe it or not. Also, for some reason, since then, her oh so wonderful sleep habits have been not so wonderful. It's kind of unfortunate that we started a new babysitter, got an ear infection, began crawling, and the time changed all in the same week....because we cannot seem to figure out the sleeping's CRAZY!! But it is basically to the point now that she wakes up every night/morning around 5:00 a.m., I go in and nurse her for about 10 minutes and she is usually back to sleep and will sleep until 6:73/7:00. This is about as good as we have gotten it recently and we have just learned to be happy with it for now and pray that she goes back to her normal patterns at some point.
Finally, the most fun part about this month (not really) is teaching Charley the word "No". Since her newfound freedom of mobility, she just assumes she can do whatever she wants...and we have had to demonstrate otherwise ;) Her little personality has begun to really flourish and she can be a little hard headed at times, but she's done very well for the most part! Oh, the joys of parenthood...the good and the bad :)
Here's her timeline for the month.
- Begins staying with Mrs. Mary (3/1/10)
- Begins attempting to climb out of the tub, and learns the word "No" (3/1/10)
-Is able to get anywhere by running in her walker (3/6/10)
-Diagnosed with ear infection (3/8/10)
- Crawls for the first time!! (3/11/10)
- Learns to play peek a boo (3/12/10) (see video below)
- learns to wave; mostly to say hello, but occasionally to say good bye (3/19/10)
- Begins eating off the table occasionally (3/23/10) (thanks Mrs. Mary for feeding me yummy homemade mashed potatoes!)

It's funny to even post this picture, because now this seems like months ago. This was the beginning of the crawling.

I want to get it sooooo bad!

Mom..this is exhausting!!
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Peyton came over again for a playdate. It gets more fun each time we get these two together. They are starting to realize each other is in the room. They aren't exactly "playing together" just yet, although this picture might lead you to believe otherwise, they are getting there! Regardless, Peyton's mommy and I don't take a breath in chatting the entire time they are here...we LOVE it!!

Who knew that the fav toy would be packages of babyfood...why is that surprising to me?? Charley has been demonsrating for 9 months now that anything is more fun to play with than a real toy...hello mommy...get with the are not cool anymore, just don't tell Toys' R us that.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Charley made this hat at Mrs. Mary's and mommy thought it was so cute, we had to eat dinner in it :)
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Peek a Boo!

We were on our way out of the house today and we started playing a little game of Peek a Boo with Charley, just for fun....little did we know that she would actually play back!

We really liked this game, so we thought we would try again while eating at a restaurant....and yes, we did draw some attention, but that's ok :)